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Daphnomancy Article

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Daphnomancy Chapbook

published by Peter Ganick's Small Chapbook Project

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The Process

Materials: Hollow body electric guitar, FX, amplifier, ViaVoice voice recognition software, laptop computer, projector.

Process: Voice recognition software is fed signal from Kurt's guitar amplifier and thus generates text from the sounds of the guitar. Text is broken, amended, and in other ways altered by Michelle in real time. Everything is 100% improvised.

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Article about Daphnomancy in Kitchen Sink

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Daphnomancy # 20 (June)

Improvisation # 4

Owl on a Low howl in a Cattacombed cave

concocted a crawl’s clear call: Cox-comb

Caw-Cawing through an old wound

committing Calm amid moonlike wands.

An assassin. An abandoner. She permits

Mating only amid the dead. Cured keys

wandering LOOMS amid luck. An influx

of the uncaught, an Alliance of grammar.


improvisation # 3

I hone our
luminous tools:
our warm rulers
and tin cocoons

Razors wooed
our tar knuckles
of unknowable lumber –
an unbeknown nevering.


Improvisation # 2

adapt her

Nine barns
and No wards


doom mirror
and vine


her if
an iron

Can vow

can ova
and done


Improvisation # 1

An emblem.
A new man grown.
A bond man –
buttons and all.

Her homeland.
Her alleged.
Her uninjured handling --
Anathema unworn.

worming ruin: iron
for eyes and Cans
for rooms and beds.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

June Daphnomancies

Improvisation # 2

Coda dyed in tresses,
Ever nearer the dress,
even nearer the accursed
looming and thickening.

Gliss unmoving and unhurried
and unloosed will
of luminous doing.

Cannot undo the era
Ahead, Nor the unheard.

dyed doves hang her above
abandoned dams where
the good anglers Coax

their Ink into inland
channels, blooming all
along: an analogue

for caged lots.


Improvisation # 3

undoing a recruit:

a coup.
a hands-off.
tons who can have.
A man who sued.

Caravanned home, He
Denies data, data.

All along mending the Known.

Turning unheard coal into cotton.
An alloy lower and blue.

A new unloosed Era
Of unmixed and uncapped
Mourn. An inland boat
After thaw.


Improvisation # 4

An ill less new. Can
Her fang do the loosening?
Not bread-and-butter,

hidden and errant,
but an unmoving mirror
less barren than known.

A nun’s hopes and 1
Arrow couldn't hasten lest
a ceremony’s

Hand lent us ashore.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Improvisation # 18

Improvisation # 1

Her roars, ordered
as sluts--

a horse and Rabbit
warm as

minerals in snow.
Awoken: crushed

And honed for
her rhymed alloys.

Remove or Pry
as asking hands admire

the lowering aluminum.
A Monastic Roarer

is like a hot Musket --
A Burlesque Husband

In the Wrong.
Crows whine

and mend, though
all guarantees

are warm wishes –
unmixed and marine.

Improvisation # 2

Sheath of nine arrows
grown from the river
as halving warm hearts
thwart blooms –

I hath us -- a collage
(Or cocoon) like the Knotting
Mouth bonding
Ovas and Noises.

And untaught Angels
run amok (all hewn iron)
who haunt him
through unaltered halls.

The night wood cutworm
(All hot and Unlucky)
Should hurry and taunt him
A latin elastic in unmuzzled ROOMs

As Animals unravel
their nylon myths (warranted
in answering) all who
attire (neuro and aneal)
the half-den of warm hurting.

Improvisation # 3

Hew the minimum THINGS.
Will her. Unhusk her.

Rose-red ink (our biographer)
wrought red-iron time.

As Her Homilies (Called ME)
Devined her corners.

Mirrors hush untaught corners –
all hot with unhusked Husbands –

her know-how dens -- all
holden of her – archives Knived

and skinned as LambsMilled --
an untaught void of caught.

Improvisation # 4

Like nine white moths –
a man eating amid war --
An abandoner nibbling.

Hollow hopes and hot arrows --
the oughten cardinal

written me, Knotting
a committee of auburn.

Awoken cracks ran
in nine blues of half-lines

And now what luck
all cotton and muck:

a Longman taught
What Verdant lots unmix.

Warm admirers Coat months
And comb nine men

Who all unravel. All hatted
and now a mine of minerals

and hot oaths unwilling
to be Named.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Daphnomancy # 17

Improvisation # 1



warmness and a litt-

le slowdownless clutched. A void

all luminous – writ.


Ink anthers -- claws -- can

Flux and heal cameras. What

cannot Leave when honed.


blood nuclei all

Errors -- less known than the new.

Blue manners, unwed.


Tax Veneers in New

Husband's. No good ALTar. 10

Parentswilling her.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Daphnomancy # 16

Improvisation # 1


We (Can).

She wore death's womb with

an ax - a Bas relief of runners

shod like Luther loom-

ing (moving thusly). Methought

of all our knots - hot dens Milled

with hands who thought moon

(Hung and Calm) made hands. All who

admired lots of

non-North 9s, had myth: an am-

aranth of earthen Baths BATHed

amid mohair climbs.

Awful as nine halves of high.

A grass Lyre: a

Hoe Dividing a land above

Bough. All have not Rulers. (halved)

Daphnomancy # 15

Improvisation # 2


s had No

Minimalism. Ann had

autumn moths.

Although Lee had

Wings of Luther.

[, of North]

Hung her

(but the fear running through)

Both Calm and Haven

are amateur adepts (addicts)

oil’s wing:

Law’s button.

(wHo can fix it?)

rose, added and unmixed.

and unmanaged lots.

: lucky.

local quotes cut cotton.

Ella will applaud who wrote

the ad and hotbed of debt

(as if zero had the current lead).

An incumbent Lyre

cuts nine. (who? Who?)

what lot am I? not the hive of hire.

Brown and Nine had her and a Mad car

had hallow Nos. our No. And -- and -- war.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Daphnomancy # 14

Improvisation # 1


Nine months and all nine

admitted ironed IRes.

Amethyst hacksaws –

HINGes fat in her dance as

Infant ore. Our dens hadn't

Men Who Loved the Honed

thing after death (a Bath drawn

Hot with oil and math).

Who, in lieu of tooth and ang-

lers authored moths Bathed by nine

s – the wrong myth

Hung and warming since moth (math)

Had sorted 9 rows

Of 9 ores. 9 myth-hot things:

her death thirsts for ninth months.

Improvisation # 2


local cotton will collage

all Hot Theaters And time her.

this dark room -- dark war --

haven of tines Unlucky.

Not caught laws. New looks lucky.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Daphnomancy # 13

Improvisation # 1

Warn of tin and Ore,
as oars. her hurler annuls,
meant razor.

drawer moon in ash:
say "easy" and "on who,"
or "rough ovens of bloom."

Bare roots mored in salve --
ova on ash LOOMS --
as she has written in rose,

hollows of Autumn myth,
unhooked saws sHut,
on halls removed of bloomlets,

lives of nowhere axes,
hand under hand, sanders
smoothed wills

in letting roots [Alice, little
abandoner, little hover
of wild halos costs

Calm, wHo
owns half our
doers, aluminum Looters]

dazed hens whorled halls,
of ovum and iron,
and Husbands. Allotment.

mimicking many,
autumns happened,
amid the saw,

waves Culled from
her own local bog.
A man amid gloom.

What Innocent thorns Live,
among Laws, among mouths.
among Moons? and whose

aluminum and Oars ruining,
wounds, thwarting warm
floods of ovens. Blue havens.

late drawings uneasy and marine.

Daphnomancy # 12

Improvisation # 2
man minimize harm and animals

Q: X and I haven't spoken for years. Is there any chance to heal our relationship?

live in and on and on
hail of Haven, warm

with warning. Thwarting
warmth, warning of war.

worn with lines of wives.
hooks sown, hoofs pulled

among A theater of Laurels.
hollows opposed

as myth and longing.
Lyre through cold nights

among Northern axes.
Landlords aren't Man-hating

Hunters. Worm and
Homilies and Anna's hand: one Un-

lucky Hut wrought of law
and wheat -- a Husband Tower.

Improvisation # 3

Q: My daughter is always crying. What is the problem?

Whales dart amid
march moons implying lines:
an Aunt where gloom layers.

Waning loans haul moons
from Tree to hand to lover.
North of home and half blue.

thanking hot thorns and 9
half-men in snow. An act of
sieves and Shaws aiMing

along Unlucky tongues -- Pupae
BATHed who flew off.
Honed honor an owL

unmoving hover caught
in Cotton; hover
caught over little swords --

new, thin, and blue.
Unwilling LOOMS.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Daphnomancy # 11

Improvisation # 1

DOLLs had been ignorant half
parents, darting cotton blooms

Who have cast answers, undoing
infamous Maids, all manners of error

among idol cats and wheat ... cut cut
it caught hot layers the air cannot parole

data over daggers; cash dada
and north unmoving -- her dad

in a bird's handle. Can a 1/2 Handed
crow attend her improved family

begging not to live but to line
to and in, a thin lending

slowly home like moons, like Toward
un-home, Dunes Scarred ... lit tellers

all hatted and hooded. Plush blooms allude
their wells. Whole loans, Unlucky.

Improvisation # 2

Q: I am considering X, Y and Z - which one should I choose?

Can her under blooms emit good
if bees do not vow.

Error -- arrow and doom. the hen
unknown, un-kin of her own

ovum, of her belief that handling sin
ruins oil and care

low cameras and an inland room.
Most don't loom their errors.

handle all who have dueled and add
that Honour under rips, slow

mattresses iced and hallowed.
a lone honing

bigger than her. Daughter who tunes
arrows inward, her retina bare.

Improvisation # 3

Q: I lost my X while traveling. Where is it and is there any chance to get it back?

Hang. Handle.

not who can

Darn and Laurel

(candles and hands that can See reach
canticles and come

sinning not and managing
wands of data)

Hang. Honour called.
Husbands called.

affairs and dryads and...
and asters incanting pushed

above banns, amid bearers
who, unholy and unbeknown,

offered to unmix the air
and do favor: a hung in-what.

what would.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Daphnomancy # 10

Improvisation # 1

can and non
amid Lambs and Milk
nail button hath husks of lot
Huts on deltas unloading Laurel

Days drawn of what hot inards, vertabrae
hunters, Men hatted and delivered by hooded laws
those lux Goodies of combed latin wheat, Monastic

and The Lion-Lotus of sawed data, a collage
of iron and hAy

drew lots: all have to do with sawed horses in
an ... Caw of the crow blown up, a Vein (avian)

@ last, sauve saws savored Dying lassos
The Crow shot lots but, Unlucky, an arrow
towed Her into loans and then lust.
Had it not been for US.

analytic, I too Deal less and less, An era
of what occurs.

Improvisation # 2

do what buttons. Cut.
unbutton the hook.
button sHutters.

Unlucky hold.
Unlucky Call.
what the old want: what

Crawl amid Hags.
At last atlas follows, corrodes.
lava does not hold.

And latin boards sWooned
and moons walked chords we all
can do. Burlesque noise amid commets.

Bone nets moved among claws.
who had autumn know-how.
an unmoving and an inland airing.

Nomads who adore doors. less listen
and and and and meanly
and and I can-and and and his home

A moonlike DOLL.
hAy on line, hAy tamed

A girl and a man. Can Oxes cost.
an ill only weaving along.
double home and not.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Daphnomancy # 9

Improvisation #1

dart error and Call:
a hand can have and halve

cotton hands brought

of the award

did it do dust?

all call but
DOLL couldn't double ...
and call someone

hot bitterroot dull

Improvisation # 2

couldn't pallor and rich gingham
and towed yards: Motes of Men
amid running cattle

(only charlatans and
Rome-arrows and an aunt)
hush and saw, Doll collage.

Cobbled tones, kites and hoods
wheel will all but clearly call (cull)
all cotton beds amok

dada who can (whom)
Aunt Anna and 1/2 and
heathens beheld the bell

Colts hang, eye dampened
celled with cots called Laurel
a hot-button

comatose, you called, all crawling
and drawl, but all who crawled
dunes named them Amanda and Anna

the know-how clutched called
Autumn calls: nutmeg, cotton
cotton cotton button

clutched caught caught clutched hushed
but called:

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Daphnomancy # 8


in her rewrite,
wooden minds
caught and Wooed

the hot stone against the in --
doe's skin -- crewel of courting

they allude
and elude fools possessed
and unhooked

the advent
a crude rune
like a luminous polluter

unloaded data
a polar moon
a hand pandered

error unleavened:
Aaron's note.

he caroled off, out
of habit

a parallel wanting
mirrors came for us:
flux hot bloom

the healers clicked
in Dens of favors.

An alleged Giver
of toxic boxes, Eleanor

culled dull knockings
come at night
from the Delta

New wands and rich
rooms believed in
the other

caused to happen: hap

homeless in local winters
delaying THE decay

if dust and
if kindred Blue Routes

who sows and sells
and draws
where houses call

bats can detect ends
by hearing

this haunted angle
if hoof call offers

build our doll,

didn't heal
our hands

Daphnomancy # 7


Diana, the ironer, added hems of ruin
twinkling woods arrowed
Diana Didn't tack luminous towers

lined anew, our lot moored amid hidden Dunes
in pAngs, bloom lust and bile cost light.
wives wrote unhinging the city's honeycomb

Danger wrought and doted. Waves attacked an Island
and culled the ruling error: her runners above
and amid loving.

, blessed air couldn't move -- moonlike, FERAL -- unless
the crowns and lindens came whole. the Cane Came holed
as cathedrals collected worms, an unmixing

cult of 4 muttons, heathens cut lost buttons. a holy
canoe Called Cane, often anger runs knives and dens unless
barren and Mad as axes

female enamel's worst bloom: lawS cost keys
and end in cotton, our numerous nets and rents.
A name Dies and the iron clan of lanterns less.

Daphnomancy # 6

a bond, the root caught
tufts: mother, son
cant move

consume our ovum
allusive cases
at last hatched

a thin man who
wrote the loan plume
whose paneled Hilt

palm pillow
prickling arrows

an unopened loop
what lucky luck
hot hover much

cotton crack or deluxe

the novel ruled:
then claws

Daphnomancy # 5

and unwarranted

glass wrought


wands woven
and towed

mowed, moved
from me

higher morning
in the morning

9 knives honed
to half-thief

throbs cut cotton
scars clotted
and robbed

9 wives, 9 goats
robed in cotton

belt from the loom
a bolt of vellum

fog and chalk
shalt cost a head

half of
loaf and foal

culled from
sandy graves. the hem
of Yet carved

a whole head
and handled

we unhusked
half our house
the Bush nettles
and brush

could a host and arrow
have an arrow
whose formulas
of manna

close lemon and blue
amid boots and
meridians South

fraught fiEnds
mutton of cloth, of cotton

all but Darwin

will vote
unload your ribbon
happiness ammended

Daphnomancy # 4

Improvisation # 4

her award honing
made her
Hanging me

thickening whom
thickening wombs
who I admire, maim

I'm hAy

the retina has
1/2 today
the THiEf of eyes
and hair

1/2 married

1/2 hurried

had shed hot
hooks whose
hands shook,

whose dull light
I let out

is this dark wooden
a commitment ?
Burn it.

and asters
this is his
his task

hushed clutter
what Hangs on

Caw Caw notes
the crows left us:
Little dual opponents

room demurred
Makers milked

a hate hidden
and eaten

warm meaning
mild but
warm and unmoving

Daphnomancy # 1

Improvisation 1

I am

cut off, when 1 button
he left along -- adding
threads, adding dice
hard in their stares

grooming, pouting
hems and the bobbin

the robin, robing him

Bats have eyes, their ears

troves of trophies
one lead
she had path winded
hovered in wind

through she crystaled

root hair, the Barber's
coat related to

blue bones accumulated
crewel of blue

and maroon, the island
ahead light halves

Daphnomancy # 3

Improvisation # 3

Rail Road
mines and mineral
and inroads

quick to sing, tricksters

manned war
Whole metals mined
from tricks

rule, rule ahead --
who mans the war
who in a hat -- how hot
they bow

hate will doom: wild
and hot -- metal tricks

but me.


political fall out
all hats

dual doom:
hugs, unaccustomed to
rural poor
rural health unaccustomed to

and hounds blue
and uhurried

cathead ... the FAlse

1/2 a land

whatever Anna
needs -- heaven

Men in hats at night
eNtering a vault, joint

hold us
opposing the 8
whose hold couldn't

arrive above
and move
and moan
and hover

unhooded goods
unhappy gods

look hoof of
almost half

for Tall shall
see, have

and end
and then all
hands admire
minerals of

would pollute

Daphnomancy # 2

Improvisation # 2



hang boy

act calm

as if

no knife

is hot

or holy

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Daphnomancy is an ancient method of divination using a branch from a Laurel tree.

A Laurel branch is thrown into a fire and a question is asked.

If the branch crackels in burning it is a positive sign.

If the branch burns without doing so it is a negative sign.



An ancient form of divination by a process of burning laurel. During the burning of a branch in a fire if there is crackling, this is a sign of good luck. But if the crackling is absent, then the prognostication is false.



Laurel has been known since ancient times. In Greece and Rome it was a symbol of peace and victory in military and sporting activities. That is why Laurel is also called Lauro Nobili. In Ancient Greece, Laurel was consecrated to Apollo, God of Music and Poetry, as well as the Oracle of Delfi and is the reason for which the first of the six temples were decorated with Laurel frescos. It is sald that the Priestess of the Oracle fell into a trance after inhaling the smoke of the burning Laurel leaves. A large amount of the plant can cause hypnotic trances. Laurel was a sacred plant of Ascepio, sun of Apollo, God of Medicine. For centuries, the plant has been used against many diseases, especially the plague. Even today Laurel is hung in houses to refresh the air, and also used to protect flour and dried figs against harmful insects.



(and here)


Daph·nis Pronunciation (dfns)

n. Greek Mythology
A Sicilian shepherd and son of Hermes who was famed as a musician and reputed to be the inventor of pastoral poetry.




.:. .:. the creative music
workshop presents .:. .:.

- sound and word -

First set:

DAPHNOMANCY (Kyle + Austin, Texas)
Michelle Detorie (text, projections)
Kurt Newman (guitar, voice recognition software)

Second set:
Joshua Beckman (NYC/Seattle - books, pen, voice)
Chris Cogburn (Austin - percussion)

The sounds, the words, improvised.
Special guests tba.

Saturday, March 11th
1311-D East 6th Street
(entrance is on Navasota, between E. 5th and E. 6th)
(roughly 1/2 mile east of I-35 after Waller and Attayac!)

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

leafs out

It was the Greek nymph Daphne that was being chased by Apollo who asked to be changed into another form.

So Athena helped by transforming her into a Laurel tree.

As such the Laurel tree became sacred to Apollo.

The Laurel was said to give visionary powers and as such the Delphic Oracle used to chew the Laurel leaves to induce visionary powers.

The Laurel was also hung on doorways to keep ghosts away.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


By Constance de LaRose

The Noble Bay or Laurel Tree

Bay -- also known as sweet bay and laurel -- is related to camphor and sassafras trees. It’s botanical name, Laurus nobilis, means noble bay.()

Bay trees -- evergreens which range from small, bush size plants to 40-foot specimens -- are native to Asia Minor and the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. The tree has an olive green or reddish bark and produces dark purple, grape-sized berries. The two to three-inch dried leaves are stiff and brittle with dark green, shiny tops and lighter undersides. Noble bay smells balsamic and sweet, and tastes spicy and bitter.

Cultivation and Harvest

In many warm parts of the world, bay is cultivated both as a spice and ornamental. Bay leaves are picked early in the day throughout the year. They are dried in a warm area, for about 15 days, protected from sunlight. A light weight is used to keep the leaves flat during drying.

Included in the display are two examples, the first, leaves which were dried 10 months ago and are taking on the gray coloring and the second leaves which were dried 15 days ago. Both of these samples are leaves from the tree on display.

To preserve their color and flavor, store bay leaves in airtight containers, away from light. Up to 60% of the chlorophyll can be lost after one year of storage, giving the leaf a gray color.
[Note: Since this is just the written documentation for this competition entry, these display items are not available.]

Though the bay tree is traditionally and most frequently cultivated in the outdoors in warm Mediterranean countries, records from monasteries() as far north as England, in the 15th century, list small bay trees cultivated in pots in the herbarium.

A Glance at the Past

Bay has long been linked with nobility, and has long signified success and renown. The champions of the first Olympic games in 776 B.C. were awarded bay garlands, and wreaths of bay were used to crown kings, priests, poets, prophets, heroes and victors of athletic and scholarly contests in Greece and Rome. Graduates of medieval universities were decorated with fruiting sprigs of laurel — they were bacca laurea coronati or rather bacca laureati — hence the modern baccalaureate and laureate.() The distinction "poet laureate" comes from the reference to Apollo, patron of the fine arts who had a special affinity for the laurel tree.

As the story goes, Apollo loved the nymph Daphne and pursued her relentlessly. Cupid shot Daphne with an arrow, which caused her to hate Apollo; finally the gods turned her into a bay laurel tree. Apollo declared the tree sacred and thereafter wore a wreath of bay leaves on his head in remembrance of Daphne.() The Greeks came to believe that the tree would protect them from natural disasters, especially lightning. Bay trees in Greece are still sometimes called Daphne trees.

Bay perks up tomato sauces, meats, fish, and bean and grain dishes. One or two leaves is adequate flavoring for most dishes of six servings -- add to water when stewing chicken or poaching fish, or while cooking soups or stews. Bay leaf should be added early on, because it takes a while for its flavor to permeate the food. Be sure to remove the leaves before serving; they are sharp and can be dangerous if accidentally swallowed. French cuisine and cuisine of the Mediterranean region depend heavily upon bay leaf. Bay leaf is an ingredient in French bouillabaisse and bouillon, bouquet garni and many pickling blends.

However, care should be taken in using bay leaves in cooking where the dish will be served to pregnant women. Bay leaf infusion was used in period to "bring down a woman’s courses"() which means that they can cause a miscarriage.

From the days of ancient Rome to modern times many households would add several bay leaves to containers of stored grains and beans to repel grain beetles, and add them to boxes of stored clothing to repel moths.