Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Daphnomancy # 8


in her rewrite,
wooden minds
caught and Wooed

the hot stone against the in --
doe's skin -- crewel of courting

they allude
and elude fools possessed
and unhooked

the advent
a crude rune
like a luminous polluter

unloaded data
a polar moon
a hand pandered

error unleavened:
Aaron's note.

he caroled off, out
of habit

a parallel wanting
mirrors came for us:
flux hot bloom

the healers clicked
in Dens of favors.

An alleged Giver
of toxic boxes, Eleanor

culled dull knockings
come at night
from the Delta

New wands and rich
rooms believed in
the other

caused to happen: hap

homeless in local winters
delaying THE decay

if dust and
if kindred Blue Routes

who sows and sells
and draws
where houses call

bats can detect ends
by hearing

this haunted angle
if hoof call offers

build our doll,

didn't heal
our hands


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