Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Daphnomancy # 7


Diana, the ironer, added hems of ruin
twinkling woods arrowed
Diana Didn't tack luminous towers

lined anew, our lot moored amid hidden Dunes
in pAngs, bloom lust and bile cost light.
wives wrote unhinging the city's honeycomb

Danger wrought and doted. Waves attacked an Island
and culled the ruling error: her runners above
and amid loving.

, blessed air couldn't move -- moonlike, FERAL -- unless
the crowns and lindens came whole. the Cane Came holed
as cathedrals collected worms, an unmixing

cult of 4 muttons, heathens cut lost buttons. a holy
canoe Called Cane, often anger runs knives and dens unless
barren and Mad as axes

female enamel's worst bloom: lawS cost keys
and end in cotton, our numerous nets and rents.
A name Dies and the iron clan of lanterns less.


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