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Daphnomancy is an ancient method of divination using a branch from a Laurel tree.

A Laurel branch is thrown into a fire and a question is asked.

If the branch crackels in burning it is a positive sign.

If the branch burns without doing so it is a negative sign.



An ancient form of divination by a process of burning laurel. During the burning of a branch in a fire if there is crackling, this is a sign of good luck. But if the crackling is absent, then the prognostication is false.



Laurel has been known since ancient times. In Greece and Rome it was a symbol of peace and victory in military and sporting activities. That is why Laurel is also called Lauro Nobili. In Ancient Greece, Laurel was consecrated to Apollo, God of Music and Poetry, as well as the Oracle of Delfi and is the reason for which the first of the six temples were decorated with Laurel frescos. It is sald that the Priestess of the Oracle fell into a trance after inhaling the smoke of the burning Laurel leaves. A large amount of the plant can cause hypnotic trances. Laurel was a sacred plant of Ascepio, sun of Apollo, God of Medicine. For centuries, the plant has been used against many diseases, especially the plague. Even today Laurel is hung in houses to refresh the air, and also used to protect flour and dried figs against harmful insects.



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Daph·nis Pronunciation (dfns)

n. Greek Mythology
A Sicilian shepherd and son of Hermes who was famed as a musician and reputed to be the inventor of pastoral poetry.




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