Saturday, April 01, 2006

Daphnomancy # 10

Improvisation # 1

can and non
amid Lambs and Milk
nail button hath husks of lot
Huts on deltas unloading Laurel

Days drawn of what hot inards, vertabrae
hunters, Men hatted and delivered by hooded laws
those lux Goodies of combed latin wheat, Monastic

and The Lion-Lotus of sawed data, a collage
of iron and hAy

drew lots: all have to do with sawed horses in
an ... Caw of the crow blown up, a Vein (avian)

@ last, sauve saws savored Dying lassos
The Crow shot lots but, Unlucky, an arrow
towed Her into loans and then lust.
Had it not been for US.

analytic, I too Deal less and less, An era
of what occurs.

Improvisation # 2

do what buttons. Cut.
unbutton the hook.
button sHutters.

Unlucky hold.
Unlucky Call.
what the old want: what

Crawl amid Hags.
At last atlas follows, corrodes.
lava does not hold.

And latin boards sWooned
and moons walked chords we all
can do. Burlesque noise amid commets.

Bone nets moved among claws.
who had autumn know-how.
an unmoving and an inland airing.

Nomads who adore doors. less listen
and and and and meanly
and and I can-and and and his home

A moonlike DOLL.
hAy on line, hAy tamed

A girl and a man. Can Oxes cost.
an ill only weaving along.
double home and not.


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