Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Daphnomancy # 9

Improvisation #1

dart error and Call:
a hand can have and halve

cotton hands brought

of the award

did it do dust?

all call but
DOLL couldn't double ...
and call someone

hot bitterroot dull

Improvisation # 2

couldn't pallor and rich gingham
and towed yards: Motes of Men
amid running cattle

(only charlatans and
Rome-arrows and an aunt)
hush and saw, Doll collage.

Cobbled tones, kites and hoods
wheel will all but clearly call (cull)
all cotton beds amok

dada who can (whom)
Aunt Anna and 1/2 and
heathens beheld the bell

Colts hang, eye dampened
celled with cots called Laurel
a hot-button

comatose, you called, all crawling
and drawl, but all who crawled
dunes named them Amanda and Anna

the know-how clutched called
Autumn calls: nutmeg, cotton
cotton cotton button

clutched caught caught clutched hushed
but called:


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