Sunday, April 09, 2006

Daphnomancy # 13

Improvisation # 1

Warn of tin and Ore,
as oars. her hurler annuls,
meant razor.

drawer moon in ash:
say "easy" and "on who,"
or "rough ovens of bloom."

Bare roots mored in salve --
ova on ash LOOMS --
as she has written in rose,

hollows of Autumn myth,
unhooked saws sHut,
on halls removed of bloomlets,

lives of nowhere axes,
hand under hand, sanders
smoothed wills

in letting roots [Alice, little
abandoner, little hover
of wild halos costs

Calm, wHo
owns half our
doers, aluminum Looters]

dazed hens whorled halls,
of ovum and iron,
and Husbands. Allotment.

mimicking many,
autumns happened,
amid the saw,

waves Culled from
her own local bog.
A man amid gloom.

What Innocent thorns Live,
among Laws, among mouths.
among Moons? and whose

aluminum and Oars ruining,
wounds, thwarting warm
floods of ovens. Blue havens.

late drawings uneasy and marine.


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