Monday, April 03, 2006

Daphnomancy # 11

Improvisation # 1

DOLLs had been ignorant half
parents, darting cotton blooms

Who have cast answers, undoing
infamous Maids, all manners of error

among idol cats and wheat ... cut cut
it caught hot layers the air cannot parole

data over daggers; cash dada
and north unmoving -- her dad

in a bird's handle. Can a 1/2 Handed
crow attend her improved family

begging not to live but to line
to and in, a thin lending

slowly home like moons, like Toward
un-home, Dunes Scarred ... lit tellers

all hatted and hooded. Plush blooms allude
their wells. Whole loans, Unlucky.

Improvisation # 2

Q: I am considering X, Y and Z - which one should I choose?

Can her under blooms emit good
if bees do not vow.

Error -- arrow and doom. the hen
unknown, un-kin of her own

ovum, of her belief that handling sin
ruins oil and care

low cameras and an inland room.
Most don't loom their errors.

handle all who have dueled and add
that Honour under rips, slow

mattresses iced and hallowed.
a lone honing

bigger than her. Daughter who tunes
arrows inward, her retina bare.

Improvisation # 3

Q: I lost my X while traveling. Where is it and is there any chance to get it back?

Hang. Handle.

not who can

Darn and Laurel

(candles and hands that can See reach
canticles and come

sinning not and managing
wands of data)

Hang. Honour called.
Husbands called.

affairs and dryads and...
and asters incanting pushed

above banns, amid bearers
who, unholy and unbeknown,

offered to unmix the air
and do favor: a hung in-what.

what would.


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