Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Daphnomancy # 14

Improvisation # 1


Nine months and all nine

admitted ironed IRes.

Amethyst hacksaws –

HINGes fat in her dance as

Infant ore. Our dens hadn't

Men Who Loved the Honed

thing after death (a Bath drawn

Hot with oil and math).

Who, in lieu of tooth and ang-

lers authored moths Bathed by nine

s – the wrong myth

Hung and warming since moth (math)

Had sorted 9 rows

Of 9 ores. 9 myth-hot things:

her death thirsts for ninth months.

Improvisation # 2


local cotton will collage

all Hot Theaters And time her.

this dark room -- dark war --

haven of tines Unlucky.

Not caught laws. New looks lucky.


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