Sunday, June 04, 2006

June Daphnomancies

Improvisation # 2

Coda dyed in tresses,
Ever nearer the dress,
even nearer the accursed
looming and thickening.

Gliss unmoving and unhurried
and unloosed will
of luminous doing.

Cannot undo the era
Ahead, Nor the unheard.

dyed doves hang her above
abandoned dams where
the good anglers Coax

their Ink into inland
channels, blooming all
along: an analogue

for caged lots.


Improvisation # 3

undoing a recruit:

a coup.
a hands-off.
tons who can have.
A man who sued.

Caravanned home, He
Denies data, data.

All along mending the Known.

Turning unheard coal into cotton.
An alloy lower and blue.

A new unloosed Era
Of unmixed and uncapped
Mourn. An inland boat
After thaw.


Improvisation # 4

An ill less new. Can
Her fang do the loosening?
Not bread-and-butter,

hidden and errant,
but an unmoving mirror
less barren than known.

A nun’s hopes and 1
Arrow couldn't hasten lest
a ceremony’s

Hand lent us ashore.


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