Saturday, May 20, 2006

Improvisation # 18

Improvisation # 1

Her roars, ordered
as sluts--

a horse and Rabbit
warm as

minerals in snow.
Awoken: crushed

And honed for
her rhymed alloys.

Remove or Pry
as asking hands admire

the lowering aluminum.
A Monastic Roarer

is like a hot Musket --
A Burlesque Husband

In the Wrong.
Crows whine

and mend, though
all guarantees

are warm wishes –
unmixed and marine.

Improvisation # 2

Sheath of nine arrows
grown from the river
as halving warm hearts
thwart blooms –

I hath us -- a collage
(Or cocoon) like the Knotting
Mouth bonding
Ovas and Noises.

And untaught Angels
run amok (all hewn iron)
who haunt him
through unaltered halls.

The night wood cutworm
(All hot and Unlucky)
Should hurry and taunt him
A latin elastic in unmuzzled ROOMs

As Animals unravel
their nylon myths (warranted
in answering) all who
attire (neuro and aneal)
the half-den of warm hurting.

Improvisation # 3

Hew the minimum THINGS.
Will her. Unhusk her.

Rose-red ink (our biographer)
wrought red-iron time.

As Her Homilies (Called ME)
Devined her corners.

Mirrors hush untaught corners –
all hot with unhusked Husbands –

her know-how dens -- all
holden of her – archives Knived

and skinned as LambsMilled --
an untaught void of caught.

Improvisation # 4

Like nine white moths –
a man eating amid war --
An abandoner nibbling.

Hollow hopes and hot arrows --
the oughten cardinal

written me, Knotting
a committee of auburn.

Awoken cracks ran
in nine blues of half-lines

And now what luck
all cotton and muck:

a Longman taught
What Verdant lots unmix.

Warm admirers Coat months
And comb nine men

Who all unravel. All hatted
and now a mine of minerals

and hot oaths unwilling
to be Named.


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