Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Daphnomancy # 20 (June)

Improvisation # 4

Owl on a Low howl in a Cattacombed cave

concocted a crawl’s clear call: Cox-comb

Caw-Cawing through an old wound

committing Calm amid moonlike wands.

An assassin. An abandoner. She permits

Mating only amid the dead. Cured keys

wandering LOOMS amid luck. An influx

of the uncaught, an Alliance of grammar.


improvisation # 3

I hone our
luminous tools:
our warm rulers
and tin cocoons

Razors wooed
our tar knuckles
of unknowable lumber –
an unbeknown nevering.


Improvisation # 2

adapt her

Nine barns
and No wards


doom mirror
and vine


her if
an iron

Can vow

can ova
and done


Improvisation # 1

An emblem.
A new man grown.
A bond man –
buttons and all.

Her homeland.
Her alleged.
Her uninjured handling --
Anathema unworn.

worming ruin: iron
for eyes and Cans
for rooms and beds.


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